Choose What They'll Use

Training Delivery

Whether you choose an all-in-one software as a service or build your own academy or University, we can help get your course in the hands of your students

user registration & Authentication

Make it easy for students to register and navigate your courses. We'll help you draft a plan before you choose a LMS.

Engagement & notifications

Make sure instructors know about issues with student progression via email. We'll craft emails and triggers to be sure no student is left behind.

Drip Content & Protect Courses

Many learning management systems handle content differently. Make sure your plan includes ways to keep students engaged with drip content

Dashboards and Reports

Show your stakeholders improvement and results over time. We'll create reports and dashboards that deliver.

Administrating learning management systems can be challenging. We’ve worked with all the major ones and can help you choose the one that fits your needs.

If you need your LMS to integrate with a learning reporting system like Salesforce or SAP, we can craft a project plan that ticks every box. 

Single Sign On (SSO) Systems allow your users to authenticate using a common login – Social Media, Google, or their own internal corporate credentials. We can advise how best to incorporate all your systems into one easy-to-use method.

Choosing Your LMS

SaaS, Hosted and Self-Hosted Solutions

Use the MoSCoW Method

We'll show you what's possible, then help you choose the MUST haves, SHOULD haves, COULD haves and Wants.

Create a Matrix

We'll suggest the best options based on your objectives, and we'll show you why we're confident it's the best path.

Negotiate or Build

If the right choice is a vendor, we'll help you negotiate the best price. If you find that a self-hosted solution is right then we'll build your LMS to exact specifications.